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Current Revision Plan

Statistics produced byTurkStat might be subject to change in context, coverage and methodology with the purpose of adapting to the economic, social and cultural conditions of the day. These changes might result in breakings in the time dimension for some statististics and for some statistics they result in backward calculations (majorrevisions) to eliminate the breakings. In order to ensure correctin terpretation of the statistics monitored by data users, academics and policy makers; these major revisions have to be taken into account.

Within this framework a study has been conducted to retrieve information regarding the breakings caused by changes in context, coverage and methodology and major revisions in the statistics produced by TurkStat in the last 30 years. An inventory which covers all of the statistical topics currently being published has been developed as a result of this study. Information filtered from this inventory is given below.

In this context breakings in 127 statistics produced between 1989 and 2019, and major revisions implemented to eliminate these breakings have been examined by reasons and timing. In 42 out of 127 products, breakings have been experienced in various years because of reasons such as methodological change, change in base year and classification and in order to eliminate these breakings major revisions have been implemented. On the other hand in 22 out of 127 products, there have been breakings but it was not methodologically eligible to eliminate them. In 63 of 127 products, no breakings have occurred and they are comparable in time.

It is observed that breakings have occurred mostly in and after 2005. Acceleration of improvements within the scope of compliance with European Union Statistical System in 2005 and especially the coming in to effect of Statistics Law of Turkey numbered 5429 in 2005 can be seen as the main reasons for this.

Table 1. Statistics where breakings are eliminated by major revisions


# News Bulletin Routine Revision Plan (Yes/No) Major Revision Plan (Yes/No) Examine the Form
1 The Results of Address Based Population Registration System
2 Research and Development Activities Survey
3 Crop Production 1st Estimation
4 Crop Production 2nd Estimation
5 Crop Production
6 Crop Products Balance Sheets
7 Prices and Production Value for Crop Products
8 Biotechnology Statistics
9 Prices and Production Value for Livestock and Animal Products
10 Prison Statistics
11 Turnover Indices
12 Environmental Protection Expenditure Statistics
13 Child Labour Force Survey
14 State Supported Agricultural Insurance
15 Government Accounts
16 Foreign Trade Indices
17 Foreign Trade Statistics
18 Birth Statistics
19 Quarterly Gross Domestic Product
20 World Population Day
21 Education Expenditure Statistics
22 Economic Confidence Index
23 Electricity and Natural Gas Prices
24 Marriage and Divorce Statistic (Revised)
25 The Rates of Real Profits Created by Means of Financial Investment
26 Income and Living Conditions Survey
27 -
28 External Trade Statistics by Enterprise Characteristics
29 Entrepreneurship
30 Survey on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Usage in Enterprises
31 Juveniles Received into Security Unit
32 Survey on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Usage in Households and by Individuals
33 Household Consumption Expenditures
34 Household Consumption Expenditures (Regional)
35 Household Domestic Tourism
36 Life Tables
37 Animal Production Statistics
38 Gross Domestic Product by Provinces
39 Construction Cost Index
40 Statistics on Family
41 Statistics on Environment
42 Statistics on Child
43 Youth in Statistics
44 -
45 Elderly Statistics
46 Labour Input Indices
47 Household Labour Force Survey Results
48 Road Traffic Accident Statistics
49 Solid Fuels
50 Structure of Earnings Survey
51 Red Meat Production Statistics
52 House Selling Statistics
53 Institutional Sector Accounts
54 Cultural Economy
55 Cultural Employment
56 Cultural Heritage
57 Poultry Production
58 Library Statistics
59 Financial Intermediary Institution Statistics
60 Central Government Budget Appropriations and Outlays on R&D
61 Road Motor Vehicles
62 Operas, Ballets, Orchestras, Choirs and Groups
63 Death and Causes of Death Statistics
64 Retail Sales Indices
65 Health Expenditure Statistics
66 Industrial Production Index
67 Sectoral Confidence Indices
68 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Statistics
69 Cinema and Theatre Statistics
70 Social Protection Statistics
71 Fishery Products
72 Sustainable Development Indicators
73 Milk and Milk Products
74 Producer Price Index of Agricultural Products
75 Agricultural Holdings Labour Wage Structure
76 Vehicle-kilometer Statistics
77 Medical Waste Statistics
78 Tourism Statistics
79 Consumer Price Index
80 Consumer Confidence Index
81 Turkey Health Survey
82 International Migration Statistics
83 International Standard Book Number (ISBN) Statistics
84 Building Permits
85 Life Satisfaction Survey
86 Print Media Statistics
87 Annual Gross Domestic Product
88 Annual Industrial Products (PRODCOM) Statistics
89 Annual Industry and Service Statistics
90 Non-Domestic Producer Price Index
91 Domestic Producer Price Index