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Pricing Policy for Data

Data provided via our web site, social media, TRT teletext, mobile phones and data information line (exc. call fee) is free of charge. The data requests except those specified above are based on the following procedures: 

Organizations/Institutions of which their requests are met free of charge:

  • - Public enterprises with general and annexed budget, with fund, revolving fund budget and with special
  • - Media enterprises
  • - Universities (including the requests of institutional projects
  • - International organizations
  • - Official enterprises of other countries

Board of Revolving Fund Administation is met on August 4th, 2020 headed by Mr. Muhammed Cahit ŞİRİN and decided on following issues:

1 - On hardcopy form; the first sheet (A4) is 20 TL for domestic data requests and 20 € for international data requests. After the first sheet, every sheet is 5 TL and 5 €, respectively.

2 - On magnetic form; it is 20 TL for domestic data requests and 20 € for international datarequests till the size of the data is 1 MB. After 1 MB, it costs 5 TL and 5 € for every 1 MB,respectively.

3 - If the time for preperation of data request is over than 1 hour, it is priced 20 TL for domestic data requests and 20 € for international data requests for every more 1 hour.

4 - Annual subscription fee is priced considering the cost for the last period of data.

5 - 50% discount is given to the users below (excluding micro data):

      • Faculty members and students from Turkey
      • Turkish students from universities abroad
      • Students or teachers from primary or secondary education

6 - Thematic map is 90 TL for domestic requsets and 90 € for international requests.

7 - It will be added profit and treasury share to cost for Man/Hour according to informationdeclared in Estimated Cost Calculation Form for Project and Sampling Cost Forecast.

8 - Publications in CD format are 20 TL for domestic requsets and 20 € for international requests.

9 - The services and products below is priced as to be;

Service / Product Number Price (TL)
Visiting Card (One side) 100 20
Visiting Card (Two side) 100 25
A4 Photocopy (21*29) 1 0,10
A3 Photocopy (29*42) 1 0,15
B4 Photocopy (25*35) 1 0,50
A4 Colored Photocopy(21*29) 1 0,50
A3 Colored Photocopy(29*42) 1 1,00

After paying the fee, please do not forget to write your name, your surname and the date and the official number of our letter on the receipt.  If the data is sent by domestic cargo, fee will be paid by the user.