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Organizational Structure

The Turkish Statistical Institute is founded of the Statistics Council and the Presidency of the Turkish Statistical Institute with Statistics Law of Turkey numbered 5429. The Statistics Council is established to advice on the development and implementation of the Programme and on the production and use of official statistics; to determine and assess the areas in which official statistics are needed and to provide opinions and suggestions for future works to be carried out. The Presidency of the Turkish Statistical Institute consists of central and provincial organizations to implement this law and to perform tasks assigned by it.


Statistics Council

The main duty of Statistical Council founded as an organ of Turkish Statistical Institute with the Statistical Law of Turkey No. 5429 and Article 601 of Presidential Decree No.4, published in the Official Gazette No. 30479 of 15 July 2018; Preparing and implementing the Official Statistics Program, making recommendations on the determination of the needs, evaluation, development and functions of official statistics, and conducting studies that include forward-looking opinions and suggestions.

The Minister of Treasury and Finance is the President of the Council which consists of various official institutes, organizations and non-governmental organizations. The Law foresees that the Council meets at least once a year.


Presidency of TURKSTAT

Central Organization: The Central Organization consists of, The Main service units, Advisory units and Auxiliary service units. By the nature of the work within the departments and regional offices, permanent or temporary groups or teams formed at the Presidency.

Regional Organization: In the context of national-scale censuses and surveys, the regional organization of the Presidency is in charge of compiling, evaluating, controlling, analyzing and transferring to the head office data relating to its specific geographical area and of providing the infrastructure necessary for regional statistics. Regional Directors report directly to the President in issues relating to statistics work at regional level and ensuring coordination with local units. TURKSTAT regional organization is made up of 26 regional offices.