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How to Reach Data?

You can reach detailed tables and databases in different subjects from our web site. Please visit our web site before making any data request. 

In case you can not find the data you are looking for; you may request: 

  • -Detailed and special information ,
  • -Anonymised micro data
  • -Thematic maps and analyzed satellite images
  • -Micro data that can be studied only in the Data Research Centers in Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir, Adana, Antalya, Gaziantep, Van, Edirne, Erzurum, Zonguldak and Konya

Our web site, news bulletins and publications do not contain all the data that the TurkStat can offer. In many cases via our files and archives, we can give an answer to the information requests. You can contact Data Dissemination Group where the staff will advice you specific guidelines to formulate your information demands and subsequently will carry out a study and a specific elaboration adapted to your needs.

In order to prepare your requests in a suitable way, please indicate the period, geographical detail and content of the data explicitly. 

While meeting data requests; statistical confidentiality rules are strictly applied, as data that facilitate direct or indirect identification of a specific citizen or institution cannot be provided to any public or private institutions (Regulation About Procedures and Principles of Data Privacy and Confidential Data Security of Official statistics.).

Online Data Request
If you wish to make a data request, the quickest way is sending an e-mail to our info@tuik.gov.tr. The information material available will immediately be sent to you by an e-mail. The personnel responsible for this service will try to resolve issues put forward at this time; when an immediate answer can not be given they will be put in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Other Channels for Data Request
You may also make requests both from the Headquarter or Regional Office Directorates via mail, cargo or fax. You may also visit the Headquarter in Ankara and Regional Offices located in 26 provinces. 



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Data Requests

Sofftware Department

Data Dissemination Group

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E-Mail:  bilgi@tuik.gov.tr

Publication Requests

Revolving Fund Administration

Publication Shop : 09:00-16:30 (Weekdays)

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E-Mail:  dsim@tuik.gov.tr


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