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Duties and Authorities

To prepare the Official Statistics Programme,

to organise the statistical activities specified in the Programme and ensure their realisation,

to determine the statistical methods, definitions, classifications and standards to be used in the production of official statistics in line with national and international norms,

to compile, evaluate, analyse and publish statistics in the fields of economy, social issues, demography, culture, environment, science and technology, and in the other required areas,

to provide scientific and technical explanations to the results of official statistics,

to follow up the developments ın scıentıfıc research technıquesö and methods and ınformatıon technologıes ın the fıeld of statıstıcs and to take relevant measures for the adoptıon of these developments,

to determine the areas where statistical data are needed as well as data compilation methods in cooperation with the relevant institutions and organisations, by taking into account the national and international priorities,

to follow the performance of tasks assigned by the Programme to the institutions and organisations in relation to official statistics, to examine statistics produced by these institutions and organisations in compliance on their international standards, to perform quality control and to provide technical support and ensure coordination in these issues,

to develop medium and long-term strategies and policies of the Institute within the framework of development plans, programmes, relevant legislation and principles adopted; to take measures to continually improve the organisational structure, service quality standards, and managerial services and processes in line with the strategic plans and annual objectives and targets of the Institute,

to prepare Annual Monitoring Reports regarding the implementation of the Programme,

to coordinate the establishment of a national and international information network and information flow system to ensure the storing of statistical information, its submission to users and development of systems pertaining to these areas,

to identify the standards for the establishment of the national register systems, implement these standards, and to ensure their observance through inter-agency coordination,

to follow, evaluate and publish, when needed, the indicators related to other countries or country groups in order to make international comparisons,

to draft, develop and implement research and technical assistance projects in cooperation with the national and international organisations and institutions for the production of data in the required areas and for the enhancement of existing technical capacity,

to cooperate with other countries and international organisations, and to organise international meetings in the field of statistics,

to perform other duties assigned by the Law.


The Presidency may establish national and international training and research centres regarding its working areas in cooperation with universities and other training institutions where the duties of the higher education institutions are reserved.