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Vice Presidents

Ahmet Kürşad DOSDOĞRU

Born in Yozgat in 1978, Ahmet Kürşad DOSDOĞRU graduated from Middle East Technical University faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences department of Economics.

Same year he started  as assistant expert at TUIK Van Regional Directorate.

After receiving his expertise in the National Accounts Department within TUIK Central Organization in 2009,Ahmet Kürşat DOSDOĞRU was appointed as Head of Annual Accounts Group in 2012 and still serving as Vice President which he was appointed in 2017.

Ahmet Kürşat DOSDOĞRU who has a good command of English,is also married and has two children



Özyurt was born in Tokat in 1980.

After completing his undergraduate and graduate studies, Özyurt completed his doctorate in Human Resources Management at Istanbul University, Department of Business Administration, and conducted a doctoral thesis on education transfer.

Özyurt, who started his business life with his overseas sales experience, then worked as a manager in the management of integrated HR systems in the consultancy, insurance and FMCG sector, and especially profiling, evaluation center and following of post-development plans, planning improvement studies by performing process analyzes, designing organizational development processes and he took responsibility in various projects in the field of focused group work.

Özyurt, who speaks English, is married and has three children.