Message of President
In our age, the 21st century, we witness a major change which has influence on all aspects of life. This process of change, named as globalisation, necessitated it unavoidable for the countries and societies that are in a continuous cycle of change and to keep them up with these fundamental transformations. Information, science and technology have undoubtedly become...
Message from Secretary-General of the United Nations
In a letter to the heads of state dated 19 August 2015, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, invited governments around the World to lend their full and timely support to make the 2015 World Statistics Day a success, and encouraged them to share...
World Statistics Day

Celebration of World Statistics Day commenced on 20th October 2010, upon the United Nations General Assembly decree nr: 64/367 under the main theme “ Celebration of Success of Official Statistics” taking the “service, professionalism and integrity” principles into consideration. The given celebration was done with the effective participation of the subsidiaries of the United Nations, other international and regional institutions and non-governmental organisations as well as the member countries.

20th October 2015 was announced as World Statistics Day with the decree of United Nations General Assembly dated 3rd June 2015 and nr: 69/282 and it was decided to commemorate World Statistics Day on 20th October at every five years. The theme of World Statistics Day this year is “better data, better lives”

TuskStat Central Office
Sister School Project
Turkish Statistical Institute managers visited Primary and Secondary School of Osmansin within the scope of World Statistics Day events.


Turkish Statistical Institute will organise a panel in the World Statistics Day to be celebrated on October 20, 2015. Theme of the panel is “Better Data, Better Lives”. The language of panel is Turkish.


TuskStat Regional Offices
Several activities were organised by Turkish Statistical Institute Regional Offices within the scope of World Statistics Day. You can follow Regional Offices’ activities on Turkish version of our website.