Data Guide

The monthly survey of Milk and Milk Products statistics is applied to holdings only commercially operating raw milk and cream as input according to the statistical classification of economic activities dairy businesses showing activity under the title of 10.51. The geographical coverage is whole Turkey. Information is entered monthly by holdings on the web and compiled variables are below in the title of " Variables In Micro Data".

In this CD, the micro data set belongs to "Milk and Milk Production Statistics Survey of 2016" is shown.

Variables In Micro Data

Variables with product code are below

  • Product code 1;Cow's milk
  • Product code 2;Ewe milk
  • Product code 3;Goat milk
  • Product code 4;Buffalo milk
  • Product code 5;Cream
  • Product code 6;Drinking milk
  • Product code 7;Cream
  • Product code 8;Concentrated milk
  • Product code 9;Whole milk powder, partly skimmed milk powder, cream milk powder
  • Product code 10;Skimmed milk powder
  • Product code 11;Butter milk
  • Product code 12;Cow's cheese (Cheese made from only cow's milk)
  • Product code 13;Other cheese (Cheese made from sheep, goat, buffalo and mixed milk)
  • Product code 14;Yoghurt
  • Product code 15;Drink made from yoghurt.

Also, the information written below is taken for cow's milk, ewe milk, goat milk, buffalo milk and cream.
Amount is taken from holdings own farms.

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