The first population census in Turkey was realized in 1927. The next population censuses were carried out between 1935 and 1990 regularly, in years ending with 0 and 5. After 1990, population censuses have been decided to be carried out in years ending with 0 by a law and in this regard, the fourteenth Population Census was conducted in 2000. Population censuses are used for;

* Monitoring the change in distribution and characteristics of population by time,

* Providing the information needed at smallest administrative division level,

* Applying plans and programs and

* Executing laws that are related with population size (becoming municipality, provincial distribution of parliament deputies, share of allowance of municipalities from the General Budget, etc. ).

In Turkey two main periods could be mentioned for methodology for determining population figures. The first period regards to 1927-2000. Between these years, as mentioned above, traditional census method was applied. The second period regard to the time after the implementation of the ABPRS in 2007.

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