In order to decide the variables to be set in the questionnaire, previous census questionnaires, EU regulations, UN recommendations, other household surveys carried out by our institution, international expert recommendations and other country experiences were investigated and other official public institutions and organizations’ needs and suggestions were taken into consideration.

Within this scope, alternative questionnaires were designed with different content and designs. Each draft questionnaire was discussed during the meetings of related working group and appropriate questionnaires were tested in the field.

Prior to the census, pre-tests and pilot studies were conducted to test the design of the questionnaire, average time for filling up the questionnaire, comprehensibility of the questions, sufficiency of the answering options and likely problems that could occur during the field application and the questionnaire was updated accordingly.

Furthermore, in the pre-tests and pilot studies which were conducted prior to the 2011 PHC, not only the questionnaires, but also the methodology was tested.

Two different questionnaires (household and institutional places questionnaires) were used in the field application.

2011 PHC Household Questionnaire consists of the following sections

Section I : Address Information

Section II : Information on Building and Dwelling

Section III : List of Household Members

Section IV : Individual information

Section V : Mortality

2011 Population and Housing Survey Questionnaire [791 KB]

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