Sample Size

A total of 195 192 enumeration areas consisting of approximately 100 dwellings (the addresses in which there are registered persons in ABPRS) were defined. Subsequently 22 861 sample enumeration areas (% 11.7) were selected from these enumeration areas. Thus, 2.2 million households were interviewed.


The procedures of design weight calculation depending on the selection probabilities of the enumeration areas in the design domains; non response adjustment on the basis of design domains; integrative calibration of population and households according to the ADNKS distribution in terms of sex, age and household size; trimming of weights for reducing extreme variations in the sampling weights and the overall inflation factor were applied for weighting of 2011 Population and Housing Survey.

Reference Date

In the census, the reference date was "2 October 2011". The field application was carried out between 3 October-31 December 2011.

Data Collection Method

2011 Population and Housing Survey was based on ABPRS and National Address Database (NAD) registers and applied by face-to-face interviewing method. Hand held devices (netbooks) and paper based questionnaires were used for data collection.

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