Poultry Production

Poultry production statistics have been compiled since 2010 in the context of European Union harmonization. The aims of the study are to monitor the developments in the economic structure of Turkey, to compile data sets for monitoring the status of poultry holdings, one of the sectors constituting agricultural economic, to obtain the information used for economic and social measures taken by decision makers, to prepare data for various studies for defining poultry policies, to define the share of sector in national income.

Poultry production statistics have only been applied to poultry holdings in industry (excluding household poultry farms). In this coverage, hen eggs; slaughtering animals, meat production, eggs placed in incubation, number of hatched chicks of hen, turkey, and quail data have been provided to the users within this micro data set in CSV format. Guide, purpose, coverage, methodology, concepts, definitions, and explanations have also been provided in this page. Micro data of this research is provided to users via TurkStat Data Research Center.

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