Concepts and Definitions

Number of chicken for breeding: Number of chicken in any age in types of male, female, broiler or laying hens breeding for production of hatching eggs

Number of eggs for hatching: Number of hatching eggs laid by breeding female chicken

Number of animals: Poultry animals used for production instead of breeding

Number of produced eggs: Number of eggs laid by poultry animals

Number of eggs placed in incubation: Number of hatching eggs placed in incubation for producing chick

Number of chicks for using: Number of hatched chicks used for production or sold by holdings

Male chick for breeding: Number of hatched male chicks separated for using except for destruction

Slaughtered poultry animals: Number of poultry animals slaughtered in slaughterhouses

Produced meat production: Amount of poultry meat produced from poultry animals slaughtered in slaughterhouses

Carcass weight: The weight of the slaughtered animal's cold body after removal of the head, and of the feet, and after having been bled, and displumed (excluding offal).

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