Field Application

Household Budget Survey was carried out by following different sample households alternately each month.

Household information was compiled by interview, registration and observation methods. Each interviewer recorded the data on consumption expenditures and income of 6 sample households monthly on average as a result of 8 times of visit including 1 visit prior to the survey month, twice during the first and second weeks, once during the third and fourth weeks and once following the end of the survey month. Prior to the survey month, the information about the socio-economic status of the households is obtained in the first visit to the sample households and how to fill the book of record is explained. During the visits in the survey month, consumption expenditures of the sample household on food, clothing, health, transportation, communication, education, culture, entertainment, housing, furniture etc. are obtained through the books of record and interviewing method. Information about employment status, economic activities, occupations, performance in jobs and income of the household members in the survey month and during the last year was compiled in the last interview at the end of the survey month.

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