Geographical coverage: All settlement areas within the territory of Turkey were included into the scope.

Covered population segment: This survey covered all household members living in the territory of Turkey. However, such population which is defined as institutionalized population as persons living at elderly houses, rest homes, correction facilities, military barracks, and hospitals with special characteristics, nursery, and also nomadic population were excluded.

Scope of consumption expenditures and income: Consumption expenditures included purchases in the survey month and consumption from household’s own production in the month of survey, products produced before the survey month by the household but consumed in the month of survey, and consumption of goods and services received from workplace of employed members of household (consumption of in-kind income) and products purchased by households to give as gift or to donate other households were recorded. As for income, information on items pertaining to disposable income received during the last 12 months was covered.

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