Expenditure-related definitions

Consumption: It means use of goods and services to meet needs and desires of human beings.

Expenditure: It means all cash payments and costs of purchase of a good or service.

Purchase: It means to acquire any good or service by paying certain price for it.

Household consumption expenditure: It is the monthly average expenditure values of households for the purpose of consume, which consists of components given below:

i. Purchase: Acquiring any good or service in return of a definite payment. All the values of items purchased by the households in the survey month to meet their needs related to consume are covered.

ii. Consumption from own production: Consuming the goods (in the produced or processed form) obtained from household’s own production by the household itself. For instance, the consumption of milk produced by the household is considered as consumption expenditure either as milk or cheese.

iii. Consumption from income in-kind: Households’ consumption of the goods and services produced or sold in the work place of the household members who are currently working is accepted as consumption from income in-kind. For instance, the allowances of food, clothing, transportation etc. provided for a member who is a paid employee is accepted as the consumption from the in-kind income of the employee, whereas if the household member working at his own place or working as an employer brings some of the products that he/she produces or sells at his work place to home for consumption purposes, this is accepted as consumption from income in kind.

iv. Goods and services that are purchased by the household to be given to the private persons or bodies as gifts or allowances: It covers the value of goods and services that are purchased by the members of the household to be given (as gift or allowance) to the private persons or bodies during the survey month.

v. Imputed rent: The rent amount of the dwelling in which the household lives as the land owner, or public housing and other (those who live in the dwellings of their father, relative etc. and pay a very low amount of rent or live rent-free). The imputed rent is included in the consumption expenditure. The imputed rent amount is determined by the household by taking the rent amount of a dwelling which has similar features and is rented in the same district or settlement, as precedent.

Expenditures of household members related to their economic activity and non-consumption expenditures and investments (purchase of real estates etc.) are not covered.

Types of consumption expenditure:

01. Food and non-alcoholic beverages:
Includes rice, bread, biscuit, cookie, bakery products, flour, pasta, meat and meat products, fish and fish products, milk, yogurt, cheese, other milk products, egg, butter, solid and liquid oils, fruits, vegetables, sugar, jam, honey, chocolate and confectionery, ice-cream, salt, spices, coffee, tea and cacao, mineral water, water, fruit juice and vegetable juice, and other non-alcoholic beverage expenditures.

02. Alcoholic beverages, cigarette and tobacco: Includes alcoholic beverages, liquors, wine, beer, cigarette, cigar, tobacco expenditures.

03. Clothing and footwear: Includes fabric, garments for men and women, infant and children, articles of clothing and accessories, dry cleaning, repair, sewing and hire of clothing, footwear for men, women, infant and children, repair and hire of footwear expenditures.

04. Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels: Includes actual rent, imputed rent (specified for those who own a house and who reside at a house for free), services used for maintenance and repair of the dwelling and materials used for such services (whitewash, paint, floor covering, window, door, bathroom and toilet equipments, plumbing equipments, electrical equipments etc.), refuse collection and sewage collection, other services relation to the dwelling, and expenditure related with water supply, electricity, gas, liquefied and solid fuels, domestic services (cleaning woman, cook etc.).

05. Furnishing, house appliances and maintenance services: Covers expenditures for furniture, carpet, and other floor covers, repair of furniture and furnishings, household textiles, refrigerators, freezers, washers and dishwashers, stove, heater, air-conditioner, sewing and knitting machines, small electric household appliances, glassware and crystal ware and tableware, repair of household appliances, cleaning materials, services related with the dwelling and household.

06. Health: Covers medicines, medical products, therapeutic appliances and equipment (glasses, lens, neck protector, hearing instrument, walker, blood pressure mponitor etc.), hospital services and non-hospital services (medical examination, dental services, x-ray, ultrasound, tomography, medical analysis etc.) and hospital related expenditures (hospital stay, surgery, birthing, physical theraphy, ambulance services etc.).

07. Transport: Includes expenditures for purchase of (first and second hand) transport vehicle, motorcycles, bicycles, spare parts and accessories, fuel and oils, maintenance and repair, passenger transport (by railway, road, air and sea), repair of transport vehicles, and other transport (cargo etc.) services.

08. Communication: Includes expenditures for postal services, telephone and telefax services, and telephone and telefax equipment and their repair.

09. Entertainment and culture: Includes expenditures for television sets, DVD and VCD players, home theater systems, satellite dish, receiver, compact music sets, video and cassette players, CD player, camera, digital camera, computer, photocopy machine, optical tools, musical instruments, toys, hobbies, sport and camp and hunting materials, gardening, plant and pet products, services provided by cinemas, theatres and opera houses, entrance fee for museum, sports competition, zoo etc., game of chance, books, news papers and magazines, stationeries (pencil, book, water color etc.), and package holiday and abroad tours and related products.

10. Education services: Includes expenditures for educational services (pre and primary school, secondary, and post secondary and non-tertiary education, other education), education not definable by level (computer course, language course, music and painting course etc.), examination form fee and private lesson charges.

11. Restaurants and hotels: Includes expenditures for foods and beverages served at restaurants, patisseries, café and bars, and expenditures for hotel, motel, pension, holiday village, dormitory and guesthouse accommodations and related services.

12. Various goods and services: Personal care (such hairdressing services as hair cut and hair dying, skin care, sauna and Turkish bath expenditures), electric tools used for personal vare (shavers, hair drier weight watching equipment etc.), other tools, products and articles used in personal grooming (soap, perfume, comb, toilet paper, shampoo, wool, make-up materials, tooth paste, deodorant, cream, infant care products etc.), jewelry, watches, travel items (suit cases etc.), personal effects (purse, wallet, umbrella, lighter, tobacco pipe etc.), baby-care equipments (bouncing chair, booster chair, etc.) repair and maintenance of personal effects, social services (rest homes, crèches, day cares), insurances (house, health, transport, other), and financial services (payments for driving licence, notary fee, attorney fee, rental agency commission, funeral expenses, cloakroom fee, etc.).

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