Data Guide

It is possible to make cross tables and also many statistical analysis and statistical modeling by using micro data sets of Household Budget Survey. Detailed information on variables such as type, size, values, coverage etc. are given on variable guides.

The weights, used to obtain parameters from the data set resulting from sampling so as to represent the universe, are also included as a variable. Weights are calculated by new population projections revised according to Address Based Population Registration System. The accuracy of the weighted cross-tables can be checked with the tables on Summary Tables Part.

In accordance with the sampling plan of the household budget survey; it is possible to have estimates on Turkey by using annual survey data. Furthermore three-year-data have been combined and re-weighted to have estimates on distribuiton of expenditures at regional discrimination (SRE level 1 and level 2) by using the combination of each year’s data and last two years’ data. It is necessary to take into account the adequacy of the number of observations when working with the data set.

Turkish Statistical Institute is not responsible for statistical reliability of the results to be produced regardless of these warnings.

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