• Micro data was prepared by TURKSTAT in accordance with “Regulations on Procedures and Guidelines for Data Privacy and Confidential Data Security at Official Statistics” which came into force after publishing in Official Newspaper No.26204 and dated June 20, 2006 as described in the Turkish Statistical Institute’s Decree No. 5429 and Law 13.
  • Micro data sets cannot be given or distributed to third parties and cannot be duplicated as mentioned in the Item No.14 of Turkish Statistical Institution’s Decree No 5429 .
  • Terms of use of the micro-data are specified at Part “Guide for Data Sets” .
  • Turkish Statistical Institute and Household Budget Survey must be specified as sources in every scientific publication generated by the researcher using data.
  • A copy of report or article or publication etc. generated by using Household Budget Survey data will be sent to the TURKSTAT’s Library.
  • The data must be used only for the researches on understanding of socio-economic structure of society & economy and for the progress of science and for statistical data analysis. Using the micro data for different purposes is subject to the written permission of TURKSTAT.
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