Until 2014, the environmental employment, revenue and expenditure of enterprises survey was applied by post or face-to-face interview method depending on the work program of the Regional Directorates. From 2014 onwards, questionnaires are no longer used in paper form and the data is compiled by the web.

Within the scope of data collection in the web environment, a user name and a password have been assigned by the TurkStat every access. Enterprises enter their data into the data entry system created by TurkStat via the web. The data entered by the enterprises into the web environment is reviewed first by Regional Directorates of TurkStat. SAS analyzes and micro level control and consistency analysis are performed. After completion of the SAS analysis by the Regional Directorates, the Environmental Accounts Group at the Head Office makes more detailed and macro analysis and returns to the Regional Directorates for the suspicious records. The Regional Directorates questions the suspicious cases in detail by contacting with the enterprises via telephone, e-mail etc. and finalizes the data. The data recontrolled by the Environmental Accounts Group are made ready for publication after analysis and analysis.

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