When compiling data on environmental employment, revenue and expenditures, Classification of Environmental Protection Activities (CEPA), which was prepared by UNECE and Eurostat in March 1994 and approved by the Conference of European Statisticians in June 1994, is used to define the scope of activity. The classification was rearranged in 2000.

CEPA has 9 environmental domains, listed below;

1- Protection of ambient air and climate
2- Wastewater management
3- Waste management
4- Protection and remediation of soil, groundwater and surface water
5- Noise and vibration abatement
6- Protection of biodiversity and landscapes
7- Protection against radiation
8- Research and development
9- Other environmental protection activities

In the context of CEPA, water and energy related activities are not included in environmental protection activities. However, since both issues are directly related to the environment, water and energy related data are also included in studies carried out within the scope of environmental employment, revenue and expenditure statistics. In addition to the CEPA categories, only energy data is compiled when data is collected from enterprises.

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