• The micro data given in this CD were prepared according to the Regulation named "Regulation of Procedure and Principles of Data Confidentiality and Confident Data Security in Official Statistics" which was issued by the Article 13 of Statistics Law of Turkey No: 5429 and entered into force with the date of June 20, 2006, following that of its publication in the Official Journal No: 26204.
  • The (micro) data given in this CD shall not be copied or released to any other person or organization according to the Statistics Law of Turkey No 5429 and Article 14.
  • Instruction for using the micro data is given in "Data Guide" section.
  • Researchers should indicate TurkStat and Family Structure Survey as “data source” while publishing the results of the studies on journals or other publications.
  • Researchers should also send a copy of these publications/reports/articles prepared by the micro data to the library of TurkStat.
  • The data on CD will be used for studies aiming progression in science, understanding the society’s socio-economic structure. Using data for other reasons will be subject to written permission. When using the data, the aim of study, scope and reliable estimation level should be considered.
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